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【Age】:1300 (estimated)

★He eats a lot
★His philosophy is to be wild and passionate, but he can get too enthusiastic and be a nuisance to those around him
★When he runs out of pine trees (his fuel) he starts to lose energy
★He sees the fireworks displays on the Nagara River as a rival

【Skills】:★He can light his head up and find ayu (sweetfish)
【Favorite singer】:Itsuki Hiroshi (he respects him)


【Other name】:Nohime
【Age】:477, born in 1535

★She has a bright personality and is tomboyish
★She likes her father (Saito Dosan) and she always seems to talk about him
★Her favorite food is ayu (sweetfish)

★She has been keeping watch over Gifu City’s history so she knows it well
★Naginata sword (she wields it when she gets angry)
【Favorite idol】:Oda Nobunaga

Nagaragawa Ikkyu


★He is always keen to share his knowledge about the Nagara River and ukai (cormorant fishing)
★His hair and eyebrows change color depending on the season (his clothes change color too)
★He is actually a fairy

★He can use magic to clean the Nagara River
★A squirrel lives in his afro

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Nagaragawa Ukai Museum
(Gifu City Nagaragawa Ukai Denshokan)
51-2 Nagara, Gifu City
502-0071, Japan
TEL: +81-58-210-1555
FAX: +81-58-233-6658
[Designated Administrator]
Trinity Ukai Museum
[Representative Constituent Member]
Congress Corporation
[Constituent Member]
Gifu City Public Hall Foundation
[Constituent Member]
NOMURA Co., Ltd.
  • 岐阜市のホームページへ
  • 鵜飼案内
  • 岐阜市漫遊
  • 岐阜長良川温泉旅館協同組合

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