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Visiting Information

Hours of Operation

May 1 - October 15 October 16 - April 30
Closed Open every day
(excluding specified dates)
Tuesdays (or the following weekday if Tuesday is a public holiday)
December 29 - January 3 iNew Year holidaysj
Opening Hours 9:00-19:00 9:00-17:00
Last Admission 18:30 16:30

Exhibition Hall admission fees and parking lot fees

Exhibition Hall admission fees

The admission fees for adults, children, and infants are listed below.
Adults: 15 years and over / Children: 4 years and over, under 15 years / Infants: under 4 years

Individual GroupF 20 individuals or more
Adult Child Infant Adult Child Infant
500 yen 250 yen free 400 yen 200 yen free

The admission fees for the following people are free upon presentation of the applicable document.

(1) People who have a shintai shogaisha techo (booklet for people with a physical disability), a seishin shogaisha hoken fukushi techo (booklet for people with a mental disability), or a ryoiku techo (booklet for people with an intellectual disability), and their caregiver

(2) Children of junior high school age or younger and their accompanying family members who visit the facility on family day (3rd Sunday of the month)

(3) Children of junior high school age or younger who live in Gifu City.

Parking lot fees
Cars Buses
Per 30 minutes Per use
Hours of use 24 hours
Parking fee

100 yen

If visiting the exhibition hall, free for the first 90 minutes

1000 yen

If visiting the exhibition hall, free for the first 3 hours (only for parking on day of museum visit)

No. of spaces 67 spaces 6 spaces
Information about parking lot use

If purchases of more than 1000 yen are made at the Museum Shop, parking is free for the first 60 minutes.

@(Maximum length of time of free parking per use of the parking lot is 90 minutes.)

If meal or drink purchases are made at CLOVER COFFEE NAGARA SHOP, parking is free for the first 90 minutes.

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Nagaragawa Ukai Museum
(Gifu City Nagaragawa Ukai Denshokan)
51-2 Nagara, Gifu City
502-0071, Japan
TEL: +81-58-210-1555
FAX: +81-58-233-6658
[Designated Administrator]
Trinity Ukai Museum
[Representative Constituent Member]
Congress Corporation
[Constituent Member]
Gifu City Public Hall Foundation
[Constituent Member]
NOMURA Co., Ltd.
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