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The museum has exhibition rooms, a demonstration area, a museum shop, a cafe, and a rest pavilion (azumaya), as well as a meeting room available for rent. These facilities can be used as sightseeing and rest places, or for purposes such as group tours and events.

Museum Shop

The tourist-oriented museum shop contains a mix of original museum goods and souvenirs from Gifu.


Gifu confectionery products
Ayu (sweetfish) products


Washi (Japanese paper) products, stationery


Main products

EMuseum original souvenirs

ESouvenirs from Gifu (crafts, sweets etc.)

EConvenience items (drinks, travel items)

You can visit the museum shop without an admission ticket. Feel free to come along with your friends and family.

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Nagaragawa Ukai Museum
(Gifu City Nagaragawa Ukai Denshokan)
51-2 Nagara, Gifu City
502-0071, Japan
TEL: +81-58-210-1555
FAX: +81-58-233-6658
[Designated Administrator]
Trinity Ukai Museum
[Representative Constituent Member]
Congress Corporation
[Constituent Member]
Gifu City Public Hall Foundation
[Constituent Member]
NOMURA Co., Ltd.
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